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Old Bank Note
 National Bank Note issued by The First National Bank of Sterling City on June 18, 1910


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Personal Banking – Savings


Regular Savings



Minimum Balance to Open   $1.00   $2,500.00
Minimum Balance   No minimum balance   If you balance falls below $2,500.00 on any day in the month your rate will fall to the NOW account rate. If the balance falls below $1,000.00 you will earn no interest and will receive a service charge of $6.00, plus $0.10 per item for each debit or check.
Number of Transactions   You have unlimited number of deposits and you may only make 6 withdrawals per month. However you are allowed unlimited withdrawals in person.  

You can make unlimited number of deposits. You are allowed 6 withdrawals or transfers from this account each month. No more than 3 of the 6 withdrawals may be by check.